A Lot of Dogs: I began living with dogs as an adult in 1994 when I got Gretta, a young shepherd mix, who traveled all over the country with me before she died at age 14 in 2005.  Shortly after Gretta died, my daughter Patricia gave me Jasper, then 7 years old.  After dear old Jasper died in December, 2010, I thought I’d take a long break but then I met sweet Gracie…  Someday she’ll have a print too.  A lovely reality of having a dog is meeting so many other wonderful dogs and their people.  With only a couple of exceptions, my dog prints are all of dogs I’ve known and loved.Click on any picture to display these prints in a slide show.

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This is my blog for JessePrints, my collection of block prints I've carved and pithy quotes I've collected for the last 20+ years. Internationally, I show and sell my work at, and locally, I make it in beautiful downtown Bellingham, WA where I live and work as a car-free, dog-walking, hat-wearing, yoga-learning artist elder.