About my art


Jesse Prints

Block prints. Pithy quotes. Repurposed paper. Smart.

I’ve been carving rubber block prints of things and beings I love for 20+ years.  My collection includes two cats, dozens of good dogs, some of the little birds my mother loved to watch, a few wonderful shoes, several musical instruments, an assortment of household items that I find beautiful, a scattering of animals, trees, and twigs I love to see, and words.  Lots and lots of words.

About my writing:

To date my only published book is 500 Great Books by Women, A Reader’s Guide (Viking-Penguin, 1994).  This book was the product of an independent study project I began when I was an undergraduate at Antioch University in Seattle, and that I wrote and edited in collaboration with Erica Bauermeister and Holly Smith.  You are invited to read my musings about doing this book on my writing page.